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Welcome to Digisensor Co,Ltd

Digisensor designs and produces sensor modules which meet today industrial market demand, particularly low power pressure and magnetoresistive sensor modules. 

(They could be used for electronic compass and altimeter, manometer, diving computer, blood pressure meter, flow meter, length meter...)

Digisensor standard products include :

    Sensor module
    Digitally calibrated pressure sensor module
    Smart compass altimeter module with 2D compass
    2D digital compass module

All those modules could be supplied with Digisensor standard packages or customized packages.

What's new !
 Smart Barometer Module and LOW COST Barometer Module For Weather Station

- Smart barometer module:

The SMBA-1000 new smart barometer module is now available. This product is fully designed and engineered in Switzerland. Its small size (6.35 x 6.35 mm x 3.7mm), 0.1mbar pressure resolution fit well barometer, altimeter watch application. This module is fully temperature compensated.

- LOW COST barometer module for weather station:

The MBAW-1000 is a new low cost barometer module specially designed for weather station. It is fully temperature compensated.

      New product
MBAW-1000 : Low cost high resolution smart barometer module for weather station.
Size: 10mm x 10mm x 5.2mm
Temperature resolution: 0.1 oC. Accuracy: 1.0 oC
Pressure resolution: 1mbar. Accuracy: 3mbar
Internal eeprom for storing calibrated data
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